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Antique Mirror is Back and Better Than Ever. How can reflective surfaces enhance your space?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Antique mirror is back in vogue. Once discarded or avoided, antique mirror is now implemented in the most luxurious commercial interior design settings worldwide. These creative reflective surfaces don’t need to be expensive, heavy, breakable, or difficult to install. Surface 3 Design ( has the solution. That solution is to avoid using glass altogether.

A wall covering silver antique mirror.
Moon Shadow - our most popular antique mirror

Our aluminum substrate reflective creative surfaces enhance sophisticated accent walls, elegant ceiling applications, intriguing headboards, cabinets and other millwork features. Surface 3 Design (S3D) enhances ballrooms, hotel lobbies, hotel guest rooms, conference rooms and spas. Because S3D material class ratings are exceptional, S3D works to achieve the utmost in design celebration in even the most sensitive arenas such as hospitals and nursing home facilities.

Following are the processes and solutions we and our commercial interior designers achieve together:

S3D samples enhance the selection process

Our quantity (32) sample kit represents all stock offerings including quantity (8) Iconic Antique Mirrors. These offerings are available in large format 3.75” x 7.75” sample sizes which can be individually selected to each designers’ interest and project direction or can be ordered as a full 32 piece kit. Both options are free of charge. Custom samples are also available which can contain your original artwork, or with your design/art direction, can be created by our in-house art team in any color, subject, size and quantity. Please contact S3D (800) 337-3526 to obtain pricing for custom samples.

A wall covering gold antique mirror.
Lumiere - A gorgeous gold accent antique mirror

For practical and creative applications, visit our S3D Website

Renderings and installations are featured on our site to both guide and inspire the most discriminating design professional. These images feature applications such as architectural partitions, ceilings, wall tiles and wall panels, and millwork including headboards as well as cabinetry and door inserts. S3D is also the answer for more dimensional applications such as 2D panel sculpture.

S3D Custom Approach

Stock options don’t always satisfy a designer’s vision. S3D enables every commercial interior designer the opportunity to fulfill his/her own unique design approach. Not only can graphics be customized, but the samples presented will accurately represent any custom color and image approved in the supplied sample. S3D 46” x 94” sheets can be cut to any shape. Circles, asymmetrical forms, and full or partial sheets are designed to be seamless in order to continue a series of panels without visual interruption.

S3D Meets Crucial Deadlines and Budget Requirements

Equipped with short turn around lead times and costs which are typically 1/3 the cost of custom glass antique mirror, S3D is prepared to meet the most demanding budgets and timelines.

S3D Ease of Installation and Shipping Requirements

S3D antique mirror is lightweight, making it easy and inexpensive to ship and install. Crated in wood boxes to ensure damage-free delivery, S3D can also be easily handled on the busy worksite and installed with a variety of adhesives. Please visit our S3D Tech Guide for more detailed information concerning recommended adhesive and installation video.

S3D Solutions can work for you

Surface 3 Design, an aluminum substrate, UV protected high quality printed image with a scratch resistant protective laminate is any designer’s solution to a more diverse reflective creative surface.

Finally, an iconic antique mirror solution awaits every discerning commercial interior designer, creative architect, or eager client wishing to fulfill a vision of artful reflection. No longer is the typical run-of-the-mill silver backed glass mirror used to just brighten and enlarge the appearance of a room. It is used as a sophisticated design element. Let’s see how you can incorporate Surface 3 Design antique mirrors into your upcoming project.


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