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Backed by more than 40 years experience creating architectural art products for the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets, LUMINUX was formed to broaden the interior design treatments available to commercial architects and interior designers.


Using patent-pending technology, the LUMINUX process embeds custom graphics, rich textures, and artistic designs onto a mirror-like aluminum finish. The interplay between printed and unprinted textures creates a luminous effect to add shimmer, glisten, and light to the panel.

LUMINUX is a cutting-edge solution for designers who wish to create a unique look that sets their clients’ projects apart.

LUMINUX offers a plug-and-play method to add visual impact to interior spaces, integrate brand graphics into wall treatments, or solve specific design issues including dealing with small spaces or lack of natural lighting.

Four Luminux decorative architectural panels

The Luminux® flatbed printing process embeds custom graphics onto an aluminum reflective surface. The patent-pending technology creates the phenomenon of goniochromism – the effect by which surfaces change color as the angle of view or angle of illumination changes.

The Luminux iridescent panels solve a range of interior design challenges faced by architects and interior designers. The panels are easy to install with standard adhesives. A hard coat UV protective film minimizes scratching.

Origami - a Luminux decorative wall panels - embossing effect

LUMINUX combines a .020 aluminum based reflective 46” x 94” standard max panel with a state-of-the-art printing process. These scratch-resistant printed panels can be used in trendsetting urban contemporary or traditional and elegant settings. They are designed to solve the design professional’s need for uncompromising style, affordability, and rapid installation of wall and ceiling treatments, room dividers, and even sculptural art.


U.S.A Made. LUMINUX is a patent-pending polished aluminum base material that accepts our state of the art flatbed printing process. Each design creates a beautiful, refracting life of its own. Numerous ways of applications and mounting.

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