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Taking Antique Mirrors To a New Level

Updated: Mar 18

Luminux Antique Mirror in the Foyer at the Marmara Hotel NYC
Luminux Antique Mirror in the Foyer at the Marmara Hotel NYC

Marina Pulliam, interior designer and owner of Marina Pulliam Design, with locations in Palm Coast, Florida, and Brooklyn, New York, fully grasped the flexibility and distinctiveness of Luminux panels when she chose to use them throughout New York City's Marmara Park Avenue Hotel, including in the hotel’s bar, which allowed for the creation of very large panels (up to 4’x10’), a feat that could not easily be accomplished with traditional glass antique mirrors.

Marina’s ingenious approach to using Luminux panels also included using them in the intricate foyer design, to incorporating the Vinkara Wine emblem behind the bar (the Turkish owners of Marmara have vineyards in Turkey, where the wines are produced and stocked in the hotel’s bar), to the carefully crafted framed mirror in the restroom, where a selective removal of the translucent ink was necessary to amplify reflectivity and luminance.

Luminux Antique Mirror Behind Bar - Marmara Hotel NYC
Luminux Antique Mirror Behind Bar - Marmara Hotel NYC

The dimensions of the Luminux lobby-framed mirror measure an impressive 72”x36”, while the restroom counterpart boasts dimensions of 26”x36”; however, the pinnacle challenge emerged with the mirror behind the bar, which towers at 6-feet high by 3.5-feet wide. Remarkably, the use of Luminux seamlessly accommodated this scale within a single panel, while further streamlining the installation process by enabling the shelving to be fastened through, and positioned onto, the surface of the mirror.

Luminux Antique Mirror in Bathroom - Marmara Hotel NYC
Luminux Antique Mirror in Bathroom - Marmara Hotel NYC

The exceptional lightweight nature of Luminux, which is 90% lighter than traditional quarter-inch thick glass, facilitated onsite drilling for those last-minute adjustments. The outcome? A flawlessly integrated mirrored backdrop, rendered far more effortlessly than if achieved with conventional glass mirrors.

Notably, Luminux distinguishes itself from most antique mirror solutions due to its environmentally conscious production process. It forgoes the use of detrimental chemicals, paint thinners, and acids that are often associated with creating the antique glass aesthetic.

Luminux panels offer a perfect blend of classic charm reminiscent of antique glass mirrors while remaining budget-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Enhance your projects with Luminux panels today, available in many colors and tones.

Interior designer Marina Pulliam can be contacted at


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