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The Many Unique Attributes of Luminux®

Updated: Mar 16

All it took was one installer one afternoon to complete the installation of Luminux architectural aluminum wall panels for the Total on 1st Advanced Clinical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

Luminux architectural aluminum panels add depth and luminosity
Luminux mirror-like panels add depth and luminosity

The seamless Firecracker design was handled easily, thanks to its lightweight. It was applied to an existing wood-paneled wall with Liquid Nails, a common construction adhesive.

Adding Depth and Luminosity

Designer Anna Patton of CCR Architecture & Interiors understood perfectly the unique attributes of Luminux. Anna wanted the room to look much larger but didn’t want to introduce too much reflectivity; rather, she wished to enhance the natural light source originating from an adjacent wall.

Seamless and Scalable

Luminux mirror-like architectural panels design are be scalable.

Anna wanted the Firecracker pattern to be seamless but also scaled to match her design intent.

Luminux prntable mirror-like aluminum panels improve any interior designs

While the small sample had 2-inch octagon burst patterns, Anna wanted the burst pattern to be a much larger 2-foot width. Given Firecracker is vector-based, increasing the pattern 12-fold without losing resolution was easy.

About Luminux

Luminux is ideal for commercial architects and interior designers who wish to create a unique look that sets their clients’ projects apart. Luminux adds visual impact to any interior space.

Integrating brand graphics into wall treatments and solving design issues such as small spaces and lack of natural lighting has never been easier than with Luminux!

Total on 1st Advanced Clinical Spa will open in June 2022 and is located within the Historic Woodward building at 1927 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203 -

CCR Architecture & Interiors is an architecture and interior design firm located in Birmingham, Alabama that has been providing customized design solutions since 1996.

Luminux iridescent mirror-like panels solve a range of interior design challenges faced by architects and interior designers.


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