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Luminux® flies high at Fayetteville Airport

Luminux® is proud to announce that it was recently awarded the creation of a large ceiling sculpture that will grace the Fayetteville Regional Airport in North Carolina.

A total of 20 entries were received from artists across the United States, all vying to have their work displayed in the airport, so we are excited that we were ultimately chosen. Luminux’s shimmering color, lightweight, ease of installation, and scalability make it the perfect product for this unique project, and it is the reason our work was selected.

“We are excited that the Fayetteville Regional Airport Board chose Luminux to create what is going to be an eye-catching sculpture,” said CEO Angelique Jackson.

Migrate, the title of the project will consist of approximately 80 Luminux mirror-like panels, each measuring no more than 2 feet by 3 feet, and will feature swirling graphic print imagery cut into contemporary abstract shapes that represent avian in flight. The rotunda measures approximately 50 feet in diameter and installation begins at about 20’ above the floor.

The art panels will be suspended from the existing trusses and secured with fail-safe stainless-steel cables, thereby encouraging slight motion, initiated by the structure’s interior air currents. We believe that only Luminux’s exceptional characteristics have the ability to bring this sculpture to life and capture the imagination of all those who see it in motion.


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