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Celebrate New Beginnings and Exciting Innovations with Luminux Suspended Ceiling Sculptures

Updated: May 27

Happy New Year! As we embrace 2024, we at Luminux are thrilled to share some exciting updates and upcoming highlights that are sure to inspire your creative endeavors.


Luminux Ceiling Sculptures at the National Building Museum
Luminux Ceiling Sculptures at the National Building Museum
🌟 A Year of Growth and Innovation: 2023 was a landmark year for us, marked by substantial growth and creative breakthroughs. Our flagship product, Luminux – the printable mirror-like aluminum panels – now proudly adorns many prestigious projects nationwide, including the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.


🌐 Collaborations and Accolades: Our collaboration with Reddymade Design made waves in the industry. 'Look Here,' our summer installation at the National Building Museum, was crowned the Best Installation of the Year at Interior Design's 18th annual Best of Year Awards. This accolade symbolizes our commitment to excellence and innovation in design.

Tango is the new suspended ceiling sculpture by Luminux.
Tango is the new suspended ceiling sculpture by Luminux.

🚀 New Launches and Designs: Get ready to be dazzled! We're introducing a stunning new line of suspended ceiling sculptures, designed to transform any space into a work of art. Plus, our latest Luminux designs feature innovative bevel effects, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to hotels, upscale retail stores, chic bars, and restaurants.

Luminux bevelled antique mirror
Luminux bevelled antique mirror

🎬 Expanding Horizons: We're not just stopping there. In addition to our work with Universal Studios, we're continuously exploring new frontiers in glasswork and Luminux screens.


Let's Collaborate: Your vision and our innovation can create wonders. We'd love to partner with you on your upcoming projects and help bring your creative ideas to life.


Wishing you a year filled with creativity and success,


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