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The "Neuro" aluminum mirror panel by Luminux is a complex, entwining pattern that resembles neural networks or organic cellular structures. This design embodies the intersection of nature and technology, making it an intriguing choice for spaces that favor contemporary and thought-provoking art.


This abstract design is not only a nod to the marvels of neural pathways but also offers a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that can complement a variety of spaces. The black network against a lighter background creates a striking contrast, though the panel can be customized in different colors and tones to suit different moods and interior designs.


With its ability to be scaled without losing detail, the Neuro panel is adaptable to various sizes, making it suitable for both large statement walls and smaller accent pieces. This design brings a sense of intellectual curiosity and elegance to any environment, perfect for spaces that aim to inspire thought and creativity.


SKU: UR-0919-003
  • LUMINUX creations truly reflect the design professional’s demands for uncompromising style, affordability, and rapid installation. Cutting-edge artistic technology enhances walls, ceilings, room dividers – even sculptural art. LUMINUX blends the beauty of mirrored art glass into the practicality of aluminum to provide a world of possibilities.

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