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Luminux "Starlanes" showcase a tessellation of star-shaped figures created by the negative space between overlapping circles. The consistent geometric arrangement results in a visually captivating kaleidoscopic effect.


In the first and third images, the stars and circles are set against a textured backdrop that exhibits a colorful, rust-like patina, which gives the impression of an aged metal surface. The combination of blues, oranges, and yellows provides a striking contrast to the crisp white star shapes.


The second and fourth images present a grayscale variant, where the stars and circles are contrasted against a backdrop with a granular texture, similar to stone or concrete. This simpler color scheme emphasizes the geometric precision of the pattern and would likely offer a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic when used in design projects.


The name "Starlanes" suggests an association with the stars or celestial themes, which is aptly reflected in the starry patterns of the designs. The material’s reflective quality would enhance the interplay of light and shadow, adding depth and movement to the overall appearance.

RETRO - Starlanes

SKU: RET-0324-50
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