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Luminux “Spaceship” feature a repeating geometric pattern consisting of shapes that resemble stylized links in a chain, creating a sense of interconnectedness. Each shape has rounded corners and consists of a central oval cutout flanked by two circular cutouts on each side. The patterns are uniform and create a mesh-like structure.


The first image has a green color scheme with variations in hue and texture that give it an organic and perhaps rust-like appearance. The second image is monochromatic, featuring shades of gray with a granular texture that might suggest a metallic or stone-like material. The third image is a variant of the first, with similar green tones and textural variations.


These patterns evoke a sense of futuristic design, as suggested by the name "Spaceship," and might be used in architectural or interior design contexts where a modern, industrial, or space-age aesthetic is desired. The reflective quality of the Luminux “Spaceship” panel interacts dynamically with light, creating interesting visual effects in the space where it is installed.

RETRO - Spaceship

SKU: RET-0324-52
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