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Luminux "Seaside" is characterized by a series of leaf-like shapes arranged in a herringbone pattern.


In the first and third images, the leaf shapes are colored in shades of blue-green with textural variations that give them a verdigris or patina-like appearance, reminiscent of aged copper or brass. This coloring and texture might suggest the influence of the sea, with its tones of water and weathering effects from salt and sand.


The second and fourth images are presented in grayscale, showing the leaf shapes in varying shades of gray with a speckled texture, perhaps imitating the look of natural stone or smooth pebbles that one might find at the seaside.


"Seaside" evokes a coastal, nautical theme, and the patterns reflect this with their colors and textures, which are suggestive of the natural elements found at the shore. The reflective nature of the aluminum material will enhance the visual impact of the patterns, adding luminosity and a dynamic quality to the surface.

RETRO - Seaside

SKU: RET-0324-51
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