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The "Etching" antique mirror panel by Luminux is a striking piece that features a spontaneous, splatter-like pattern reminiscent of an artist's brisk brushstrokes. This panel offers a bold and energetic feel, suitable for dynamic and creative spaces. It can be customized in various color tones to match any decor, ensuring that it can serve as a vibrant focal point or a complementary backdrop.


"Etching" is a testament to Luminux's ability to combine classical techniques with modern aesthetics.  Whether it's for a hotel lobby, restaurant, or office space, these antique mirrors are sure to make a statement and bring a sense of luxury to the environment. Elevate your interior design with these iconic antique mirrors that exude charm and sophistication.


SKU: IAM-0919-017
  • LUMINUX creations truly reflect the design professional’s demands for uncompromising style, affordability, and rapid installation. Cutting-edge artistic technology enhances walls, ceilings, room dividers – even sculptural art. LUMINUX blends the beauty of mirrored art glass into the practicality of aluminum to provide a world of possibilities.

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