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Luminux antique mirror "Artifacts" is a texture with a rich, warm, golden-brown base, mottled with patches of lighter areas that look like oxidation or patina. This could be reminiscent of an aged bronze or other metal that has been exposed to the elements, developing a naturally weathered look over time.


The second image is a grayscale version of the texture, where the dark gray base is interspersed with the reflective areas, giving the impression of a silver or pewter surface with a frosted or corroded appearance.


Both textures suggest a sense of historical depth and antiquity, as the name "Artifacts" implies. These designs might be used to give a space a touch of rustic charm or to add an element of time-worn elegance to the decor. The reflective qualities of the aluminum substrate interact with these textures to create a dynamic surface that changes with the light and perspective of the viewer.


SKU: IAM-0324-49
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