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The "Crosshatch" Luminux mirror panel is an exquisite example of modern design meeting the timeless elegance of antique decor. Featuring a detailed and intricate crosshatch pattern, this design showcases a grid of diamond shapes created by the intersection of fine lines, reminiscent of the precision of architectural drafting or fabric textures.


The bright golden yellow tones of the panel, combined with the distressed texture that overlays the crosshatch pattern, add a depth and richness that would bring warmth and character to any space. This particular color scheme offers a bold and vibrant aesthetic, but the panel's design allows for a multitude of color variations, enabling it to be tailored to different interiors and color palettes.


Being scalable, thanks to its vector-based design, the Crosshatch panel can be adapted to various sizes without any loss in the quality of its intricate details. This makes it a versatile choice for different applications, whether as a feature wall in a residential setting or as an accent in a commercial space.


The Crosshatch Luminux mirror panel is a blend of artistic beauty and practicality, offering not just a reflective surface but also a piece of art that can transform an ordinary wall into a striking design statement.


SKU: GEO-1019-027
  • LUMINUX creations truly reflect the design professional’s demands for uncompromising style, affordability, and rapid installation. Cutting-edge artistic technology enhances walls, ceilings, room dividers – even sculptural art. LUMINUX blends the beauty of mirrored art glass into the practicality of aluminum to provide a world of possibilities.

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