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Luminux "Jazz Band" features a geometric design characteristic of Art Deco style, known for its rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. The pattern presents a series of golden diamond shapes arranged in a way that resembles the stylized sunbursts common in Art Deco motifs. The diamonds alternate in orientation to create a dynamic rhythm throughout the composition, akin to the lively syncopation of a jazz band.


The diamonds are outlined in a darker tone, creating a striking contrast that emphasizes the geometric shapes. The surfaces of the diamonds have a textured appearance, suggesting a reflective material like mirrored glass, which would interact dynamically with light. The graphic is vector-based, indicating that it is designed to maintain its quality at any scale without pixelation, making it suitable for a variety of applications from small decorative objects to large architectural elements.


The use of different colors or tones would allow for customization according to different interior design needs, offering versatility while retaining the distinctive Art Deco aesthetic.

DECO - Jazz Band

SKU: DEC-0324-048
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