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Reddymade with Luminux Wins the 2023 Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Exhibition/Installation

Updated: Mar 16

Exciting news! Conceived by Suchi Reddy using LUMINUX, Reddymade Architecture and Design/NYC, the 'Look Here' exhibition at the National Building Museum has won the 2023 Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year exhibition/installation Award.

National Building Museum Luminux Ceiling Sculptures

LUMINUX played a key role in the fabrication and engineering of the 'Look Here' project featured at the National Building Museum's 2023 Summer Block Party installation. The project, which comprises twenty-one 7’x7’ LUMINUX ceiling sculptures and nine 3-sided 8-foot-long Kaleidoscopes, transformed the Great Hall, offering a captivating experience as they gently swayed from the 100-foot-tall ceiling trusses.

Here is what Suchi has to say about her experience working with the Luminux team: “I had a great experience collaborating with LUMINUX for the 2023 National Building Museum Summer Exhibit, "Look Here." I was intrigued by their unique printability and reflectivity, ideal for my artistic vision. Upon contacting LUMINUX and discussing my concept, I received impressive samples of mirrored aluminum and printing quality.


The project evolved beautifully during the design development process, with LUMINUX crafting prototypes and demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Their collaboration culminated in the successful June 2023 installation of "Look Here," showcasing dedication from inception to manufacturing, shipping, and installation supervision. LUMINUX's unwavering commitment and craftsmanship transformed my vision into a captivating reality, marking an unforgettable success. I am immensely grateful for their partnership.


Congratulations to Suchi Reddy and her Reddymade team on this well-deserved recognition! It's a testament to their exceptional talent.


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