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Luminux: Simple Idea, Comprehensive Result

Vennie Lau, co-founder of VLDG, a design firm in Edgewater, New Jersey, had an interesting idea for a project they were working on for Le Méridien New York, a luxury hotel on Fifth Avenue: to create an optical effect of an “infinite” column in the hotel lobby. Luminux was her first thought, as she knew it was the perfect product to fulfill her vision. Not only is Luminux highly reflective and optically clear, it is also 90 percent lighter than glass, thus rendering the installation a breeze. As you can see in the installation photo, while waiting for the construction adhesive to dry, the panels were held in place by blue (well in that case, green) painter’s masking tape!

Liability concerns over glass breakage also no longer pose a threat with Luminux, as its polished aluminum material is scratch-resistant, non-breakable, and safe to use. Last-minute modifications and cut adjustments, if needed, can also easily be made as long as any rough edges that might be created are captured with trim work, for a professional finish.

For the Le Méridien project, the Luminux panels were factory cut into a two-piece 7’–11” diameter circle, with a 2’–0” diameter center circle cutout, in order to allow for the column. The final material weight is only 8 pounds!

As a bonus, Luminux is frequently surface-printed. Because the light refracts off the mirror, a unique shimmering effect is created with this graphic ink application.

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