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Eco-Friendly Luminux® vs. Antique Mirrors

Updated: Mar 18

Many architectural and design firms are leading the way by specifying environmentally friendly products that offer purpose and sustainability. That’s why we have spent the last two years researching and developing our latest product, Luminux, a mirror-polished aluminum surface material with graphic print.

Glass antiqued mirrors are used extensively in upscale hotels, restaurants, and high-rise buildings. Many people who love the antiqued mirror look may not know that glass antique mirrors are expensive, heavy, difficult to install, and often fabricated using extremely harmful chemicals. That’s why we are so proud of Luminux, a better, safer alternative to glass antiqued mirrors. Our unique product is cost-effective, lightweight, simple to install, eco-friendly, and indistinguishable from glass antique mirrors (see ceiling photo below).

A Ceiling Antique Mirror by Luminux
A Ceiling Antique Mirror by Luminux

Harmful chemicals are often used to produce glass antiqued mirrors.

It’s safe to say that no one sets out to create environmentally unfriendly waste; however, it still happens every day, unfortunately.

For example, to antique a mirror, one must first remove the paint backing using paint remover (most include hazardous ingredients). Next, muriatic acid, nitric acid, bleach, or other corrosive liquids are used to “antique” the silvering. Finally, paint is applied to the back of the mirror, a process that involves using a great amount of water that is usually mixed with the chemicals, which ultimately go down the drain!

We created Luminux, a mirror-polished aluminum surface with printed graphics, to ensure a safe, decorative aluminum product that is fully recyclable and free of any harmful chemicals, including the ink used, the adhesive on the laminate, and the laminate itself. Click here for a list of our safe product ingredients. Luminux is 99.5 percent aluminum, which is produced with 100 percent green electricity from the purely regenerative energy source hydropower.

Weight matters!

Luminux is about ten times lighter in weight than quarter-inch thick glass antiqued mirrors. Extra weight directly contributes to extra shipping costs. Luminux’s light weight saves on shipping costs and means that structural reinforcement is not needed. Installations are simplified and safe, especially in ceiling applications. In other words, the benefits of using Luminux far outweigh those of glass antiqued mirrors, and in this case, outweighing is a good thing!

Stress-free installations.

Broken Glass Antique Mirror
Broken Glass Antique Mirror

Glass antiqued mirrors can crack, scratch, and discolor over time, and should they break, the cost to repair or replace them doesn’t come cheap. Luminux panels are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, making them the clear choice for installations in upscale hotels, restaurants, and other public places with high visibility and traffic. Our beautiful, unique panels will not break, fade, or change in appearance over time due to aging, exposure to light, or humidity. So why would you choose any other product!

Luminux Antique Mirrors can be drilled on-site
Luminux Antique Mirrors can be drilled on-site

Last-minute changes? Not a problem.

Sometimes onsite modifications to panels are required, but unlike tempered antiqued glass mirrors, which cannot be altered, Luminux panels can be trimmed and holes can be added to accommodate electrical sources, as was the case exampled in the photo. The center hole was cut onsite due to a last-minute ceiling fixture spec change. The only requirement necessary is that any onsite rough-cut edges must be captured with trim material for a final professional installation.

The choice is clear.

Whether you’re designing for a luxury hotel, an upscale restaurant, or a high-end home, Luminux is a great solution for the environmentally-conscious designer who wants a product that is also cost-effective, built to last, lightweight, and easy to use.


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