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Angelique Jackson Headshot

ANGELIQUE JACKSON / Chief Creative Director


Destined for a productive, art-filled life and livelihood, Angelique is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of world-renowned Jancik Arts International.  With more than 40 years of experience creating old- and new-world architectural art products for the hospitality industry and residential market, Angelique views LUMINUX as the natural evolution of art glass. Passionate about this latest, exciting innovation, she is proud of her team's talent, vision, and positive energy.

Pierre Thiault Headshot

PIERRE THIAULT / Vice President of Business Development


Pierre has always been on the forefront of technology and innovation. More than 30 years ago, before the popularity of PowerPoint, he began designing and programming interactive multimedia animated presentations.  In early 2000, he led a team to design the first A.I. leadership simulator and successfully sold the program to more than 200 business schools around the world.  Seeking new challenges in the design realm, he joined Jancik Arts International to spearhead its business in art glass creation and production.

Gary Bannister Headshot

GARY BANNISTER / Creative Director


With over 25 years in graphic design, illustration, and branding, Gary has always possessed the desire to create. He aims to model a life that shows you can be anything you desire, especially for his children. Gary’s passion for sharing imaginative ideas is contagious. 

He believes solid design can make a difference, with the power to communicate, inspire emotion, and transform the world around us. 

Photo by Tracey Attlee
Photo by Drew Stauss
Photo by Drew Stauss
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